The Love dare : 40 Dares

We create this website to make a lot of people know about the true meaning of love.
This website inspired by a movie called fireproof. You can find information about the movie here

I am not married yet, but I feel blessed by this movie. When I watched this movie, I shocked ! because my behavior is exactly similar to the guy in that movie. One thing that differentiates He and I is I have already known and believed in Him, but I haven't known about the true meaning of Love yet. I have already known the true meaning of love after I watched this movie (even though I still learning about it now). That's why, I want to share this great knowledge to every people in the world who haven't known about this movie or read the book yet.
This love dare is originally created for married couple. But, I tried to make some change so not-yet-married couple can do that too. (it could be one or more love challenges that ONLY can be done by married people. If one of those challenge happened, i wish you[single/not-yet-married people] could understand and NOT to do that.).

If you feel blessed by this website, please support the real author by buying their books and movie.
Jesus bless.

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